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Our Mission Statement: COREFUGE FOUNDATION is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping all of God’s children on earth by building Cities Of Refuge as the Foundation of the work to be done.
Cities of Gods Children as a place of Refuge. Whereas, COREFUGE FOUNDATION builds pride, hope and trust in lives of those affected by cancer, aids, poverty, enslavement, disaster, and neglect. By raising awareness and faith in a Higher Power, building infrastructures, providing jobs, advancing literacy and higher education, improving health, reducing hunger, responding to disaster and caring for those in need. We provide a trustworthy, effective and efficient organization through which individuals and corporations can direct their charitable contributions where there is the greatest need. Starting with orphans, to displaced families, to the fastest growing segment of our population, the elderly. If not cared for, each group suffers greatly from the dramatic increase of monetary needs, homelessness, neglect, lack of education, malnourishment, illness, and even incidence resulting in disease and death. The economic drain on society is increasing as costly programs are implemented to fill these needs. Global concerns are important to all of us. Worldwide issues and challenges do affect us daily. For example, addressing the causes of poverty and hunger is cheaper than dealing with its effects when ignored, which can result in conflict, famine, environmental decay and individuals seeking refuge. COREFUGE FOUNDATION relief and development aid is essential in the response to humanitarian needs starting here in our homeland…and made possible by the support of this vital work.